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Photovoltaic Systems 

 PV system on a A frame
 PV system on a residential roof
The invertor
Solar photovoltaic cells (PV) provide you with a way of creating your own electricity and the ability to sell any excess back to the Grid! This means you can profit from the sun's energy even when you are on holiday.

PV panels convert the energy of the sun in to electrical energy. The benefits of a PV system are clear, even on a cloudy and dull day your PV panels will still generate free electricity and you will be paid for every kWh generated. Eight panels will give you a 2 kWp system.

PV will significantly reduce the running costs of your building but, most importantly, they create no greenhouse gases. CEEC will recommend the best system for your requirements.

Renewable energy experts at CEEC offer the full installation package.  Your system will be project managed and the installation will be carried out by CEEC engineers.

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