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Solar Thermal Systems  

 Evacuated tubes in situ

 Three in-roof flat plate panels





A solar thermal hot water system can typically provide all of your hot water requirements during the summer months and a good proportion throughout the rest of the year. It can be installed in your home or for larger applications, such as swimming pools.

Solar panels (evacuated tubes or flat plate collectors) are installed on your roof to harness the energy of the sun. A heat transfer system uses the collected heat to heat water, which is stored in a hot water cylinder.


Myth: There is not enough sunshine in our country to warrant the use of solar energy.

Fact: Solar panels also work on cloudy days - converting direct and diffused sunlight into energy.


What better way to heat your water than from the sun?

The sun is free; it is constant and most importantly, it is clean energy.

Our engineers would assess your property and recommend the best solar thermal hot water system for your requirements. Personalised service is our aim.

CEEC also offer a full service and maintenance service for solar thermal systems - just call the office on 01285 841466 for more information.

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